"How to..." create a Steampunk Gear Planter? Part 1: The Hunt!

Posted July 03 2013

Those of you following us already know, that one of our main focus here at Roots in Rust is to reuse old, most often discarded objects and materials to not only create something beautiful and new, but also to help the environment. 

To celebrate this effort, we kick off our "How to…" series by giving you a sneak-peek into the creation of our ever-favorite collection, the Steampunk Planters!


The ‘Steampunk’ Collection was born out of our fascination with antique farm machinery so - during our sourcing trips (and wherever we go, really), we are constantly on the lookout for old gears, cogs, and interesting machinery parts. Authentic ones are getting harder and harder to find, but if you happen upon a small town’s antique shop or flea market, you may come across a few. Lancaster and Bucks County, PA are among our favorite destinations - serenity is palpable there!


So how do you tell whether the parts are really old? First off, there is either a thick layer of rust or grease on them; this is almost always a given. Also, be sure to look at the engravings, numbering, and craftsmanship - all three of these can speak volumes. And don’t forget to ask the sellers where they are from! More often than not, they will know at least a piece of the history behind your purchase.


You are now ready to emerge from the hunt, covered in dust and dirt but happy that you have found that old, rusty-greasy, heavy metal machine part that you will soon call a beautiful planter!

We’ll let you catch your breath and clean up a bit, and continue with Part 2 of ‘How to Create … a Steampunk Gear Planter?’ in just two weeks!

Stay tuned - and be ready to have some more fun!