Essential tips for the Urban Gardener - How to Display your Terrariums

Posted June 06 2013

At RootsinRust we design and make many terrariums and get lots of questions about display ideas from our customers.

So we thought - beyond our own advice (see notes below), why not put together a list of gorgeous display ideas from all over the world?

Here are our top picks:

Displaying different sizes of the same (or similar) shape always looks beautiful. The artists put a spin on this display by not only hanging terrariums with plants, but they also included empty ones to increase the airy effect.


Modern hanging steel planters showcase the idea of how to transform simple forms into a breathtaking display.


By the way, you don’t have to own tons of terrariums to make your display look beautiful. Just suspend three of them in varying heights in your window or directly from the ceiling. Use simple hooks that can be twisted into the drywall, or - if you have concrete ceilings - just pre-drill a small hole for each hook. Tip: using twine is a cool way to accentuate the hanging effect, however, if you want to create a dreamy flow, you may want to try using heavy-gauge fishing wire. (Just be careful when tying it! It can easily break or slip out of the knot.)


If, however, you’d rather keep your glass beauties grounded, choose one of RootsinRust’s terrariums that can hang OR sit on a flat tabletop!

Different shapes and styles together make for an interesting visual experience. These illuminated terrariums are by the uber-amazing Bocci.


Mason jars have been making a come-back in every shape and form. We use them for our very own liquid dispenser designs, but we also adore these antique beauties as terrarium displays - much like how they did it at the “Next American City’s Storefront”.


Are you still stuck on what to do? Send us a note to, and we’ll help you come up with a way to put a unique twist into displaying your own terrariums!