Antiques and Paws - Brimfield, MA

Posted May 19 2013

I've been told that the Brimfield Antique Show is an amazing destination; especially for those who love antiques and vintage goodies like my husband and I. We enjoy decorating our home with special finds that we pick up during our excursions to the country.

This past weekend we finally made it up to the famed show and let's just say: we weren't disappointed! (Of course, for me the trip was also exciting because I got to hunt for materials for my future designs) The show is seriously HUGE with thousands of vendors selling everything imaginable: from old dentist chairs to adorable vintage tricycles, vintage suitcases to the most interesting tools I've ever seen (who knew plumb bobs were so cool?!), and the list goes on. My hubby also had a great time snapping photos of vintage bicycles and mopeds. From old Schwinn to Vespa, everything was on hand for the collector (for the one that has enough storage to actually have a collection!)

Since we travel everywhere with our doggie Pepper, we also have to be creative with finding accommodations that allow pets. This time we chose Restful Paws, a beautiful inn tucked away in the woods of Holland, MA. The inn has a long, woodsy walking trail right in the backyard, an indoor doggie pool (which looks more like a resort!), and all pets receive a personalized treat every morning. And the best part? They also offer doggie day-care which, when you plan to spend an entire day walking in the sun -, is a great place for your dog to hang out without getting a heatstroke (and really-really bored!).

Here are photos of some of the most fun and unique things we saw, and a few sneak-peeks into what comes next for Roots in Rust


Vintage Dentist Chair                               

Truly unique finds for the collector, or the adventurous decorator!


Oh those cool (and cute!) red bicycles and tricycles...



Appeal on (and in) display  



Giant gears and the coolest springs - ideas abound!


And a bit of us and the scenery...



Thank you Brimfield - we are hooked and will be back!